The Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) presented the numbers concerning the sales in the UK’s entertainment sector in the previous year. The gaming industry continues to hold the leading position and, for the first time, overpassed a £4B level. Login Casino continues following the most interesting esports news, now presenting the financial details of the UK’s gaming industry in 2020.

According to the report by the ERA, the gaming industry in the UK showed the highest sales rates in the crisis year of 2020. Along with music (£1.5B) and video (£3,3B) sectors, all three directions brought slightly more than £9B in the previous year. The part of esports-related direction was the most and took about 47% of the total sales, ending with a crucial £4.2B.

The digitization trend continued as digital sales grew up by 16% in Year-over-Year comparison, from £3.1B to £3.6B. However, the physical sales also went top, but only by 4.6%, bringing almost £600M compared to £572M in 2019. The overall YoY of the gaming sector was at the level of 14.5%, overpassing the previous year’s £3.7B by more than £500M.

What games were the most popular in Britain in 2020?

What relates to spendings on particular games, the leading position belongs to EA’s FIFA sports simulator. Interestingly, but the autumn release FIFA 21 fast took the leading position with almost £2,2M in sales. If to add the previous version, FIFA 2020, and its sales on the level of £900K, the overall income exceeds £3M and overpasses the nearest follower more than twice.

Only two other games took a £1M+ level – Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (£1.4M) and Grand Theft Auto V (£1.1M). Interestingly, but another Call of Duty (Modern Warfare) part also was successful with almost £900K in sales. The other games and releases are out of top-5, bringing less than £800K.

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