As the esports industry evolves, it becomes an increasingly important segment of the betting market. Since most esports events are hosted over a web connection, this allows gamblers to witness many more tournaments and track their bets live. There are many popular video games that are suitable for betting these days. However, in this article, we will focus on five titles that are leading in this regard.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This first-person shooter franchise has been around forever. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is incredibly popular from the betting perspective. The essence of the game is that two teams of five people compete to protect or destroy control points. Although this concept may seem too simple to you, professional players who take up virtual CS weapons show that this is not the case. The gameplay includes numerous strategic and tactical elements that intrigue millions of bettors.


It is fair to say that this game has taken esports to the next level thanks to its largest prize pools in history. In this case, two teams of five players fight on the same map every game. But given that they can play as any of over 100 characters, all matches are completely unique. When each in-game action during a match can cost a team hundreds of thousands of dollars, passionate gamblers definitely want to bet on such virtual events.


Football is by far the most popular sport in the world. And its esports equivalent also attracts numerous bettors. Although the virtual interaction between footballers is not as exciting as the real one, FIFA is a hugely popular betting game. Professional players can turn an esports football match into a real show. So, gamblers who are fans of the real game often switch to FIFA events to place bets.

League of Legends

This MOBA game is similar to DOTA 2 in its basic concept. However, since it is more popular mainly in the Asian region, this title has a much larger player base. With over 150 million active gamers, League of Legends offers bettors a myriad of tournaments and in-game elements to bet on.

Call of Duty

Although this first-person shooter was initially released over 20 years ago, its latest iterations have experienced amazing esports success. Since this game has its own league with 12 teams, bettors have a choice of numerous events to wager their money. Given that Activision, the company that developed the game, will continue to expand its esports aspects, betting fans will get even more opportunities to bet on exciting CoD matches.

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