There are many different forms of cloud technology. The most famous are ultra-scale cloud providers. It is noteworthy that among them are Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon’s AWS. Their advantages are illimitable compute and storage possibilities.

Justin Cosnett, who represents Continent 8 Technologies, will share his knowledge about cloud technology and its influence on sports betting operators.

Online companies and, in particular, gambling businesses have been using cloud technology due to different purposes. It serves as a great tool for business analytics, test and development as well as content delivery.

In the past, its utilizing was quite limited because of regulation. Nowadays many people think of moving closer to the cloud due to its less expensive managing, maintaining, and hosting infrastructure.

According to the expert, such technology means that operators do not need to buy, maintain, manage and host infrastructure. Generally, there are no capital disbursements on equipment, less internal staffing to manage that infrastructure, and no additional fees.  Besides, maybe the most important part for a sports betting operator, that infrastructure should be capable to cover the potential maximum usage.  For example, during grand-scale competitions, the infrastructure must accommodate itself to the consumer base and be able to provide enough offers. At other times, it is not used quite efficiently. At this moment, a great deal of companies begin to be interested in cloud technology due to its efficiency. It gives an opportunity to pay only for what customer uses and have unlimited availability.

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Cosnett claims cloud is not always “cheap”. Its efficiency depends a lot on usage. As for most enterprises and storage consumers, they are likely to spend more over three or four years than if, they used hosted equipment. 

Cosnett claims cloud is not always “cheap”

This technology is usually beneficial for smaller operators or those who have just entered the market. It also serves as a burstable commodity that is available to big enterprises in a hybrid model.

Nowadays ultra-scale cloud providers cover more data and use models, which stimulate data storage upload that is free of charge in many cases. Thus, it will be necessary to consider export models and their fare in case the new cloud market starts to diminish in bulk.

However, there is, a new dynamic nowadays – the move from cloud technology. It consists in a great deal of operators looking for non-cloud or private cloud options. 

At the present moment, many companies do not have enough skills and experience in managing online gaming infrastructure. Thus, they have two options: either learn these skills or look for services from providers to have a cloud experience. Successful cloud providers can meet such requirements and create a fully managed dedicated infrastructure that easily adapts to a suitable environment.

To conclude, using cloud technology is becoming more and more popular. However, it should not be considered only as an end result. Companies need to ascertain whether it is possible to access the assets and move them to another supplier.

As mentioned earlier, the 2017 Gambling Act has brought many improvements for the Polish gambling scene. However, according to a detailed examination, the gambling market in the country is still dominated by illegal operators.

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