Thanks to the fast technological progress, such a popular casino game as poker is possible to be played online. Players do not have to go to a casino to seat at a table and spend some time with good companionship. GBC Time has reviewed the top 7 poker video games in 2022 that are definitely worth playing.

Zynga Poker

The first poker game on the list is also one of the oldest. The poker industry was introduced to the game in 2007. The game was originally launched to play on Facebook. There were also no restrictions on the gadgets: players had access to play it on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Microsoft Windows.

The Zynga Poker game was a significant revolution in online poker gaming worldwide. Through all these years, the game is still popular and successful with millions of players competing for a spot on the weekly leaderboard.

World Championship Poker 2

What may be more wonderful than winning in a poker match? Become a world champion in poker! The WCP 2 game was a big surprise for console fans – it was available to play on Xbox, PlayStation, and Microsoft Windows.

Since 2005 – the launch year, the game has shown many surprises o the player. One of the biggest was a collaboration with a legendary poker player – Howard Lederer.

World Series of Poker

There is no poker fan who would not know about the World Series of Poker tournaments. Well, this game allows feeling like one of the most professional poker players. Since 2005, players have been playing the WSOP game on consoles and computers as well.

The experts and poker fans note a large variety of poker and various additional features.

Poker Night 2

It is not a secret that there are not many qualified poker games for macOS recently. But Poker Night 2 is one of these! The game was launched in 2013, and poker players of different levels play it on Microsoft Windows and macOS as well. Some time at the start, the game was also available for Xbox and PlayStation, but nowadays, it is more played on Steam.

Prominence Poker

The World Series of Poker developers did not stop at one successful poker game. Eventually, after the success of the WSOP game, the company introduced another poker simulator – Prominence Poker in 2016.

Currently, the game is in high demand on Steam and Microsoft Store. The game offers players to dive into the fictional story with the mysterious location and various challenges added to the main Texas Hold’em.


Poker Games: World Poker Club

The next poker game on the list is available for Android and iOS users, so if you are looking for a high-qualified mobile game, this one is for you. The players get access to a lot of poker games like Texas Holdem and Omaha. Moreover, the server allows playing online with opponents from different countries. The multiplayer poker tournament is another additional option that improves the whole experience.

The Poker Games: WPC has an aim to popularize mobile poker gaming, therefore, console users are not allowed to play the game, yet.

Jackpot Poker

Last but not least poker game on the list is universal in sense of gadgets. The players have it available on AppStore, Google Play market, and Steam. Jackpot Poker is a wonderful opportunity to try yourself in the online tournament and level up your skills. The worldwide server also allows playing with opponents from all over the globe.

Currently, this game is one of the most highly-rated mobile poker simulators on the market.

You can find even more poker games for iPhone and Android in the video at the link

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