The Future Forecast 2022 report reflects the growing popularity of esports among many families across the globe. The study, conducted by the Insights Family, highlights the family trends that are likely to emerge in 2022. The data was shared in the latest news about cybersports.

The Future Forecast research indicates that esports is among the most popular family activities in the world. The study reveals that playing competitive video games is the favorite family activity for 20% of millennial parents, and it is the number one hobby of families in the US.

The esports industry may become more family-oriented

The Insights Family also predicts that watching cybersports competitions or other esports-related content will soon become a favorite family pastime, much like viewing live sports events is celebrated now.

The main difference is that children will have more influence in esports activities than parents. When playing traditional sports, adults are 70% more likely to make key decisions, and the rate grows to 93% in the case of attending live sports events.

However, in 73% of surveyed families, kids have the key roles in playing the most popular esports games. Moreover, esports activities are likely to be passed on through generations.

That’s why more adults with children are exposed to cybersports than ever. So, the video game industry has to prepare and adjust its offer to new audiences. The Insights Family claims that the esports companies are likely to adapt their branding, marketing, and partnership strategies for families.

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