The mobile version of the popular Battle Royal game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) plans to beat records in the esports industry. Developers and organizers expect to draw $14 million among players during 2021, increasing the interest towards the portative game version. Login Casino reviews the latest esports news and informs the readers of the industry's most valuable changes.

The worldwide growing tendency of cybersports is not news anymore. The predictions for the recent 1-billion industry are optimistic, and the total capitalization of the sector will be doubled in a few years. However, when experts talk about the finances in esports, they mostly rely on huge competitions. Global events like League of Legends Finals or Dota 2 International have tens of millions of dollars in prize pools for a single competition. Another popular competitive game, CS:GO, has a more smooth distribution during the year with millions at stack monthly.

In this regard, $14 million as the prize pool doesn't look like something astonishing. However, the talk is about the competitive mobile game, which tries to reach the highs of PC-based entertainment. James Yang, the director of PUBG Mobile, stated that the recent year was rather active in terms of creating a professional ecosystem. He also hopes that the total rewards bank's increase from $5 to $14 million will facilitate PUBG Mobile.

Is it possible to triple the prize pool for PUBG Mobile in 2021?

According to the reports, there are about 120 000 professional teams inside the PUBG Mobile ecosystem. This number forced the developers to increase the number of valuable local tournaments across the world to satisfy the gamers' needs. New PUBG Mobile Pro Leagues will appear in North and Latin America, Brazil, Western Europa, Arabia, Turkey, and the CIS region.


The structural changes will also take place in the international events schedule. Similar to the recent year, Pro Leagues will be played twice in 2021, with the concluding Global Championship at the end of the following year. However, organizers want to add another tournament called PUBG Mobile Invitationals for the best single players and battle them in the summer.

The recent sponsorship agreements also facilitate all these plans. PUBG Mobile signed contracts with a famous technological giant Qualcomm, Pepsi-owned carbonated drink Mountain Dew, and internationally recognized mobile manufacturer OnePlus. The increase of the interest in mobile gaming only facilitates the overall development of this esports sector and promises further growth.

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