The report conducted by GfK and App Annie market research institutes and presented by the German Games Industry Association (GGIA) came up with interesting figures concerning games spendings in 2020. Generally, Germans spent 32% more on paying-related directions compared to 2019. Login Casino follows the most interesting esports news, presenting the results of the survey in more detail.

There are no doubts that the major accelerator of gaming spendings in 2020 was COVID-19. In-prisoned at homes with a lack of communication, a lot of people found pleasure in entering the gaming world. It led to the overall splash in gaming spends from €6.463M in 2019 to €8.531M in 2020. The GGIA divided the report into five different sections and came up with a short analysis of each.

All five directions increased in 2020

The biggest spendings were noted in the hardware sector, which means that people visited stores (probably online) to buy or upgrade their gaming equipment. This branch includes not only consoles and PC purchases but also accessories and gaming gear like headsets, handhelds, and other elements. In total, Germans bought hardware for about €3.255M, which is 26% more than the result in 2019 (€2.586M). The GGIA admitted that this spike could be disposable as a lot of users made hardware upgrades for years ahead.

The second most valuable sector was in-game purchases, which came up with €3.252M in 2020. The leap from €2.25M in 2019 declares a 44% increase in spendings, which is the highest surge across revenue directions. It shows how important this direction is in the recent gaming world.

Game purchases remained the third biggest branch (both online and offline sales), which grew up from €1.049M to €1.169M. At the same time, an 11% growth of the sector is the lowest, showing the turn of the strategy to subscriptions and in-game purchases.

The subscription branch was divided into two separate ones, where the institutes analyzed individual game subscriptions and platforms' ones. The latter was predictably more productive, increasing the 2019th result of €461M by 50% up to €692M in the former year. Particular-game subscriptions also increased in value with a strong 44% pace, beating the 2019th result by €50M and achieving €163 in 2020.

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