In the modern iGaming market, opening an online casino business without any external help is nearly impossible.

Signing contracts with all the popular slot providers and payment systems would take millions of dollars and months (or even years) of time. That is where iGaming aggregation platforms come to the rescue. These companies offer all-in-one integrations with the most popular casino games, slots, and payment solutions. Some of the aggregators also have smart tools that help improve player engagement and retention. So, online casino ops can just connect their site to the aggregator’s API and instantly gain an access to thousands of games. To get a better understanding of how it all works, we at GBC Time have interviewed the CEO of iGaming aggregation company Alea.  

In our new video, the CEO of Alea Alexandre Tomic answers the ten most pressing questions about aggregation in iGaming and shares his personal experience of working in the industry. After watching this clip, you will know:

  • What is an iGaming aggregation platform;
  • Who needs this platform and why;
  • How aggregation companies pick iGaming providers to work with;
  • What are the main skills and responsibilities of an iGaming CEO;
  • How much money do you need to open an aggregation business and much more.

Alexandre is the founder and CEO of Alea – a multi-award-winning iGaming company that is behind multiple successful gaming B2C and B2B operations. Tomic is well-known within the online gambling industry, Tomic has over 15 years of experience in varying aspects ranging from affiliate network owner to game aggregator or casino operator. His passion for the industry is matched by his drive for innovative products and ideas. Alexandre himself is a biohacking and VR enthusiast and is committed to promoting social responsibility among operators and creating awareness about the societal impact of the gambling industry.


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