PlayStar Gaming Group, a gambling operation with a vision to deliver an online gambling experience like no other, is set to receive $15 million in equity funding from Meyer Global Management. The move will strengthen the operator’s business and help it expand in the United States.

PlayStar to Receive Investment from Meyer Global

As announced today, PlayStar executed a letter of intent with Meyer Global Management, a technology investment manager, that outlines a huge investment into the former company’s growth.

PlayStar is one of the newer players in the US gambling market. The iGaming operator has taken New Jersey by storm within five months of launching in the state. It has exceeded all important KPI forecasts and is now challenging some of its more influential competitors.

What makes PlayStar stand out from its competition is its exceptional focus on personalization and customer engagement. The operator distinguishes itself from its peers by utilizing real-time data and predictive modeling to deliver superior player experiences that are tailored to a customer’s needs.

Thanks to its hard work, PlayStar successfully appealed to Meyer Global Management, which is a major technology investment firm. The investor is known to support companies with great potential for innovation. It believes that PlayStar is one such company and has therefore provided it with the funding it needs to scale up its business. Thus, PlayStar will be able to seamlessly launch into new markets, with the operator already planning a foray into Pennsylvania next year.

Meyer Global Believes in PlayStar’s Potential

Meyer Global Management’s chief executive officer, Owen Meyer, spoke about his decision to support PlayStar. He reaffirmed his company’s goals of helping innovative and promising tech companies and supporting their business with the intention of generating strong returns for Meyer Global investors.

Owen Meyer said that everything PlayStar has demonstrated since its launch in New Jersey has been nothing short of impressive. He concluded that the investment firm’s funding will provide the brand with the backing it needs to become just as successful in Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, Per Hellberg, PlayStar’s chief executive officer, welcomed Meyer Global Management as a PlayStar shareholder. The CEO said that the $15 million the investment firm will provide is going to be of great help amid these uncertain times. Hellberg also noted that Meyer’s trust “says a lot about PlayStar’s performance.”

While several online gambling sites have been forced to cease operations in the past year, we’ve surpassed our initial forecasts and are well-positioned for further expansion.

Hellberg is sure that Meyer’s financing will help PlayStar conquer the Pennsylvanian market as well.

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