Connected Entertainment, part of the NRM Group of companies, has responded to customer feedback and produced case study style user guides to help enterprises throughout the hospitality sector maximise the huge business enhancing potential of its Jigsaw touchscreen entertainment system.  

Featuring the 'Jigsaw Man Super Hero’ character, the guides, which are available in both print and digital formats, cover all aspects of Jigsaw’s extensive functionality including  music, interactive mobile, karaoke, games, bingo and quiz as well as a  troubleshooting section to maximise efficiency.

With a dynamic customer base which is expanding from its original holiday park core to now include pubs, restaurants, adult gaming centres and bingo clubs, the importance of helping a large client base harness what one pub manager described as a ‘powerful one stop entertainment experience which is driving real footfall’ has prompted the initiative.  

Connected Entertainment’s Key Account Manager, Freddie Shreeve, explained: “In the lead-up to Easter we undertook a mammoth training exercise where we visited holiday parks in eight counties helping entertainment teams understand the power of the Jigsaw system and how they could get the very most out of the technology.  Although the Guides have not replaced the face to face contact which is such an important part of the Connected service philosophy, they help get the Jigsaw message out in an effective and efficient way and are prompting really positive feedback from customers active in all of our market sectors."

He continued: “While the current operating manual covers every aspect of the system, following the launch of Jigsaw's mobile app and interactive quiz we felt that a more generic guide would help existing users and new business customers develop practices that get the very most from the entertainment system.  Customer insight and the Top Tips sections highlight how Jigsaw can improve sales, drive customer engagement and consolidate venue costs by, for example, removing the need to hire in DJs or a Quiz Master.  

"These are incredibly exciting times for Jigsaw and we are working alongside our customers to produce the next road map of developments which will ensure that Jigsaw remains what Mark Jepp, Managing Director at Majestic Bingo described as being the "best in class entertainment platform for our business."

The Jigsaw guides are now available and can be ordered directly from Connected Entertainment.

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