AI is currently being used in a number of industries. From healthcare, through self-driving cars, flight, and rockets, to construction and marketing, AI is one of the go-to technologies without which these industries wouldn’t be able to operate. As such, among the many areas of life, it has also found its way into gambling. While this is certainly not recent, the technology that casino (kaszinó) owners use is becoming more and more sophisticated as time goes by. This is all to provide the best experience possible.

Customer service

Not many things are as important at a casino as customer service. Imagine trying to get help from incompetent employees whose jobs require you to spend your money. With assistance come AI-based chatbots that currently are able to answer and solve virtually any problem a customer may have. Online casinos very often make use of chatbots, both to cut costs of staffing and to ensure that the support is on point. Such machines are immune to human error, and while they’re not yet quite perfect, their functionalities are improving day-to-day. By using a technology called Natural Language Processing and machine learning, these chatbots got proficient at answering even the most problematic queries. Still, this technology requires tremendous amounts of data on which the machines can learn how to behave, which brings us to the next point.

Data gathering and analysis

The current world is entirely data-driven. The information about our personal details, behavior, ambitions, and goals is being tracked and analyzed continuously. Chatbots, for example, act upon that data. That said, customer service is not the only field that can utilize big data. To offer a personalized experience, casino owners utilize that information. Based on that, they can promote their service adequately, as well as supply gamblers with the best offers. Big data is used extensively in marketing. Trend analytics, search engine optimization, and future predictions are all based on AI, at least to a certain extent. That way, casinos can optimize the way their online presence impacts the position on the market.

Malpractice by gambling platforms that stems from data is another problem in and of itself. Providers use it to tailor their offer to make sure that an addicted gambler stays addicted and sometimes let them pass. Players don’t even know that, upon entering the site, they usually consent to data collecting.


Problem gambling prevention

Contrary to the last argument, AI data analysis is helpful in spotting problem gamblers. Over the past few years, gambling addiction has been raised to the awareness of multiple authoritative bodies. More and more organizations see it as a real illness that has to be stopped. By looking into users’ behavior patterns, the bot is able to determine whether the person is addicted or not. Gambling authorities use such technology regularly to spot and block addicts from gaming. AI helps in recognizing the signs early on, which can stop the condition in its tracks.

Protection from scams

Brick-and-mortar casinos have their own issues when it comes to safety. Heists, break-ins, aggressive gamblers, or cheaters were dealt with by the staff. Online casinos don’t have that much wiggle room in terms of preventing fraud. Hackers can use sophisticated technology to break into a platform’s database and, for example, steal the data of gamblers, along with their financial details. With help comes AI, which not only protects the operators from regular cheaters but also cyber-attacks. At times, AI-proficient customers may devise their own bot to improve their odds. The providers and attackers are always trying to be one step ahead in front of one another by using cutting-edge algorithms. Additionally, AI can detect suspicious behaviors regarding attacks and nip them in the bud.

Virtual reality

Online casinos are constantly trying to overtake their competition by going with the times. The addition of live dealers was a giant milestone for the platforms. Currently, the trend of VR is pretty much unstoppable, and it’s making its way into more and more areas of our lives. Casinos are no different. To get gamblers fully immersed, they utilize AI to create a virtual reality-based experience. By using that technology, gambling providers can target the younger generation. This creates an unforgettable experience.

Virtual casino

Improved user experience

Lastly, AI is used to create the best possible user experience. Using machine learning algorithms that scour through the favorite casino games (kaszinó játékok), behavior on the website, define the elements within the games that make them so appealing and tailor the offer specifically to the user’s needs. VIP clubs casinos have are the best way of acquiring such information. They instantly gain access to tons of additional data, where they can target not particular groups or personas but individual players by sending them promotions and displaying their favorite games. It’s almost as if the casino was prepared just for a singular gambler.

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