Google has recently issued a new manifest, warning developers that it will discontinue the support of the Manifest V2 API in Chrome as of June 2023. As the new API does not allow blocking of web requests, it means that Google will no longer support any ad blocking software for its browser. How will this affect software developers and marketers? Read this GBC Time news article to find out.

Google first announced the launch of a new Manifest 3 API at the beginning of 2022. As of January of this year, the company stopped releasing new extensions for the older version but the clients still could update the existing ones. In June, Google also removed private extensions for MV2. As of January 2023, Google plans to leave only limited enterprise extensions, which will be relocated to MV3 by June 2023.

The new API version intentionally disallows deleting web requests, so this means Google Chrome users will not be able to ignore ads or dismiss them by using adblocking software. This is officially the end of an era for AdBlock software developers and users. Digital marketers and affiliates, however, will get access to a new range of clients.

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