Esports news often reveals how many people around the world are interested in this vertical. The German Games Industry Association has reported about the number of players who participate in esports competitions.

While some of the gamers play Prototype on PS4 and don’t make any moves towards development in this vertical, others want to go further and take part in competitions. A recent survey has shown that quite a big number of German gamers need more than just playing at home.

Political support is necessary for the esports clubs in Germany

The study has revealed that every 5th player takes part in online competitions, which have nothing to do with traditional clubs. The main reason for this is the lack of non-profit status for the esports industry in the country. This hampers its development as esports clubs don’t create divisions, being afraid of losing their non-profit status.

The number of players who have taken part in an esports competition is over 7 million. The number of Germans who have ever heard about esports tournaments is 59 million. This means that millions of people in the country are involved in esports, and it needs social recognition.

According to the association, the industry needs support from the political authority. The esports vertical has a great potential to be useful for society, translating such values as team spirit, fair play, etc.

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