Gabriele De Lorenzi, a seasoned professional in the realm of gaming and online entertainment, takes center stage in our new interview. As the Director and Product Manager at WorldMatch, a leading provider of premium casino solutions, De Lorenzi's expertise and vision have propelled the company to new heights in the competitive gaming industry. 

With a deep understanding of player preferences and an unwavering commitment to innovation, Gabriele offers unique insights into the current state of online gaming and its future prospects.

How would you describe the difference between slot gaming in 2023 and 2003? What has changed in the industry during these twenty years? 

The changes that have occurred during these twenty years are enormous and represent a summary of the history and evolution of online gaming, the growing competition and the constant increase in the number of competitors, the need to develop games capable of entertaining and meeting the tastes of increasingly varied players looking for novelty, have represented an enormous stimulus in terms of creativity and a strong impetus for product innovation.

The simplicity of the game rules and the classicism of the themes have evolved towards more and more complex forms of slots. Technically we have moved from Flash technology to HTML5, from a static use on the desktop to a mobile one, with the development of increasingly usable and interactive UIs. Last but not least, the strong contribution to the development of the sector deriving from the regulation of the various markets should also be highlighted.

It may seem that everything has already been invented, and there is nothing more to diversify modern slot gaming. However, this category is still one of the most popular on casino websites. How has WorldMatch been managing the creative crisis over the 20 years? 

People certainly make a difference, many people in WM have seen the birth and growth of this sector, and those who have arrived over time, even recently, have been able to share a common vision in a natural way. Then there are certainly at least four fundamental aspects that are part of the DNA of our company, the innovative capacity, the creative capacity, the ability to always question oneself, and then undoubtedly the passion.

What are the top factors that make slot games popular for players these days? Are there any specific tendencies that transform a regular slot game into the top one on the website? 

We can talk about themes and characteristics, we can make a ranking of elements that are very popular among players, but I think that more than anything else it is important to give players the opportunity to play a slot, give them time to understand it and become attached to it. Lately, this seems to be a real challenge.

How do you see an average slot gamer in 2023? What are the current preferences among the customers at this moment?

It is difficult to talk about an average player, there are many different players, many different markets and this makes the audience very varied, there are markets in which classicism pays off, both thematic and mathematical terms, others that prefer variety, those who prefer high volatility games, other low volatility. We leave in a very dynamic market, things change quickly.

Do you think that the current trend in AI adoption in iGaming will affect slot gaming development in any way? How can this technology be used in the slot industry?

All new technologies have an impact, it is not easy to predict to what extent, certainly AI presents itself as a crazy revolution that will have effects in every sector and will undoubtedly also have repercussions in the production of games from many points of view, from this perspective the imagination can range.

What do you expect to see in the slot gaming development industry through the next 5 years? Do you expect any specific trends or challenges? 

Probably a consolidation in the number of providers with many mergers and acquisitions, while from the product point of view, the real challenge will be the ability to innovate and create distinctive products.

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