Finland is a small country with a population of just over 5.5 million. They live in the north, have less daylight, and are used to the cold. They also are significantly impactful in the online casino industry. Maybe it is because of the Finnish stereotypes mentioned above, but Finland is one of the frontrunners in online gaming. Finland’s casino industry is setting trends for other countries to emulate. There are several reasons for the Finnish casino industry to grow faster than most others in the world, but one of the biggest ones are elite-level developers behind the projects. Besides that, Finland was also one of the first countries to shift its focus to mobile gaming. What else has Finland created, and how is Finland affecting the whole world's online casino industry? Here are the five key factors behind the success of the Finnish casino industry.

Investments in society

One of the best examples of how Finland has influenced the online casino industry is Veikkaus, Finland’s own government-owned gambling company. Veikkaus has a monopoly position in the Finnish online gambling market. That is the reason why Veikkaus also makes tons of profit. The government isn’t just getting the earnings for themself because they are investing most of it into society. Finland invests most of Veikkaus’ profits into improving sports and physical education, science, arts, and youth work. Besides that, the profits go into improving overall health and social welfare.

Focus on technology

Finland is known as home to many important technological innovations in all industries. That shouldn’t be a surprise since Finland has some of the most notable software developers in the world. That is also very noticeable when digging deeper into the iGaming industry. Many don’t know that Finnish software developers have played a crucial role in developing popular and promising casino features, including VR casinos and live casino games with real-life dealers. It is a bit surprising that a country with a population of 5.5 million can be this good at developing features for online casinos.

Security and safety

Security and safety should always play critical roles in online casinos. From that point of view, Finland is a perfect example since ensuring that the online casino industry is safe for players is one of Finland’s government's main priorities. The standard level of security in Finnish casinos is higher than in almost all other countries. For example, Finland doesn’t let people play anonymously online. Players always need to confirm their identity before withdrawing money from online casinos. That is how it is easier to protect consumers from all the potential scams and risks. Since Finland has a government-owned gambling company, most people choose to play there instead of international companies. Even though it looks likely that Finland will open their gambling market and move into a licensing model, the monopoly has made the industry incredibly safe in Finland.

Five Ways Finland Has Influenced the Online Casino Industry

Mobile-optimized sites

During the past years, mobile devices have become a crucial part of everyday life. Nowadays, people appreciate high-quality mobile experiences more than ever, and online casinos have reacted to that. Finland is a good example of a country that is excellent at creating mobile-optimized sites. They have a lot of good examples from both on and off the casino industry. Finland seems to understand that with mobile-optimized sites, it’s not only about how your website scales to different screens. It is also about the overall usability of the site. An excellent example is the Finnish casino comparison site Kasinosivustoni.com, which is almost perfect from the mobile usability point of view.

Variety of games

Finnish online casinos are known to have a great variety of different kinds of games. On average, a regular online casino from another country has around 2 500 games. In Finland, it is common to see online casinos that have a combined amount of 5 000 – 10 000 games. Of course, some Finnish casinos have fewer games than that. It doesn’t take anything away from the casinos, which are known to be home to thousands of games. The most significant difference between the variety of games in Finnish online casinos and online casinos from other countries is the number of slot games available. Finnish online casinos have numerous slot games you have never seen before.

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