GBC Time has discussed the up-to-date topics in the iGaming industry with Tatiana Bayanova, Head of Public Relations at MegaPari. Bayanova has shared her thoughts on the popular promotion strategies nowadays and her expectations from the industry in the nearest future.

In your opinion, what marketing engagement offers can a casino provide besides bonuses? What are best for players?

We are actively running lotteries among players. The mechanics can vary – we can give tickets for bets on specific events or based on the deposit amount. For example, our "Billionaire’s MegaRace" lottery with bonuses, luxury prizes, and a Lamborghini as the super prize. The promotion has received a great response from players because the entry fee is only 5 euros and does not require any additional effort from the player. We also have a very generous VIP loyalty program – players receive weekly bonus money with low wagering requirements.

We also consider the segment of players who are not interested in participating in activities and receiving bonuses at all – in that case, our task is to communicate our unique features to the customer. Our PR department is actively involved in this – we are operating to ensure that players notice us, our advantages, and our success in the industry. Regarding the platform, our analysts guarantee a careful approach to the customer's preferences – we highlight interesting and profitable slots, and adapt our offers to local holidays and events.

Nowadays, social media marketing is becoming more and more popular among casino brands. Is it possible to get a loyal audience through this channel in 2023?

It is. Engaging social media strategies can effectively captivate and retain a dedicated audience by offering tailored content, exciting contests, and captivating updates. Alternatively, brands can entice audiences to their social media platforms through targeted advertisements and campaigns, eventually guiding them to the brand itself. Attracting a fresh, loyal audience to a brand's social media channels can be achieved through diverse tactics like precise ad targeting, creating authentic content, and utilizing non-branded platforms.

In your opinion, is it effective to use influencers as ambassadors for casino promotion campaigns?

I believe that leveraging influencers as brand ambassadors can be a powerful tactic to boost brand recognition. However, it's crucial to establish clear goals and expectations. We aren't simply seeking bloggers who will create content based on a predefined advertising package. Instead, we are searching for creators who genuinely embody our brand, who are proactive, and who possess innovative ideas and a willingness to forge a long-term partnership that yields increased visibility and mutual benefits for both parties.

Are there any seasons in casino gaming when players play more than usual during the year?

In casinos, there isn't a specific seasonality like in sports, but there are some factors related to the regions we operate in. The activity of casino players is mostly affected by local holidays and weekends. For example, during New Year and Christmas, there is usually less activity. However, based on our experience in 2022, players expect casinos to offer special promotions and bonuses for specific holidays and events.

It is traditional to think that players prefer new items or proven hits when it comes to slot gaming. How important is updating the games?

Most people initially choose what they understand and are familiar with. Using something new and untested is a risky move in all areas of life. Even in the field of gambling, people want to know what to expect from a slot game – a clear and well-known RTP, first and foremost. However, there are customers who crave novelty. These players truly desire something new constantly. That's when providers strive to expand their game portfolios. They achieve this by changing the theme and music of the slot game while keeping the mechanics relatively unchanged. These updates are primarily done to refresh the game lineup rather than to change the game itself.

What changes do you think should be expected in the online gambling industry this year?

We observe more customers using mobile apps and crypto wallets for deposits and withdrawals. Many unregulated gambling markets are trying to become legal, and we might see positive changes happening this year. In terms of gaming industry trends, we can expect the introduction of new games using virtual reality (VR) and brands exploring web-3 projects.

Do you see any changes in the general attitude towards gambling in society worldwide?

Absolutely! In many countries, governments are legalizing this type of activity by implementing regulations. Obtaining a license boosts customer confidence and helps eliminate fraudulent companies from the market. We also care about responsible gambling. At MegaPari, we want our project to be fun and profitable for our customers. But because gambling always involves risks, we do everything we can to ensure everyone plays fairly and safely.

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