According to the global esports news, renowned cybersports tournament organizer ESL Gaming plans a new CS:GO tournament for women in 2022. The female CS:GO circuit is expected to have a $500k prize pool.

The championship is a part of the #GGFORALL diversity program, announced by ESL. The main goal of the initiative is to make the gaming community more empowering, respectful, and inclusive.

The female tournament will kick off in summer 2022 at DreamHack

Female CS:GO Championship will feature eight teams from Europe and North America. Additionally, ESL Gaming has established a council of female players and launched women talent development programs.

The final events of the circuit will take place at the ESL DreamHack Dallas festival in June 2022 and DreamHack Winter later in November.

In the standalone events, female gamers are going to compete in one of the most popular esports games – CS:GO. These events will also unfold during the DreamHack tournaments, with the first event set to run in Valencia, Spain, in July 2022.

Additionally, the online gaming platform ESEA will hand out ESL Clash Cups to women’s teams. Twice a month, the female CS:GO gamers will compete for $4k in prizes. 

The best CS:GO betting sites will also feature bookmaking odds for all the events.

ESL’s SVP People and Culture, Roberta Hernandez, claims that the company wants to provide more opportunity and visibility for women in gaming by creating an infrastructure equal to male players.

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