European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) has announced the launching of a new expert group aimed at cyber security in gambling. According to the EGBA, gambling websites are profitable for frauds and hackers. But this expert group will provide information sharing between online gambling operators to prevent cyber attacks. Find more casino news on the website to stay tuned for the latest updates.

On March 23, 2022, EGBA announced the expert group launching, which is aimed to prevent cyber frauds against online gambling operators. Association members will be able to share the recent data about cyber attacks and launch new methods to fight against them. It’s a new step in the cyber security sector of the European Union.

In 2020, the cyber security company Imperva reported the frequency of the cyber threat, which was counted by 28% of the global traffic.

The main goal of this group will be the moderating of the active communication and interaction between EGBA members. It’s expected that as the results there will be introduced individual and general strategies against cyber threats.

Maarten Haijer, EGBA Secretary-General, is sure that such tight cooperation between operators will definitely provide a stronger industry. It’s so important to strengthen cyber security protocols and provide the highest security standards, he said.

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