This week’s Twittertainment takes us back to the viral poker debate that just won’t die: did Robbi Jade Lew cheat or did she own Garrett Adelstein’s soul in a $269,000 pot?

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Most people in the poker community are slowly moving on from the now infamous Hustler Casino Live game where Lew and Adelstein tangled in a controversial pot. Most people, except for Charlie Carrel. 

The Englishman doesn’t mind speaking his mind, no matter how controversial his opinions are. Carrel has said from the start of the saga that, in his opinion, something was amiss in the Adelstein vs. Lew hand. In fact, he’s so confident that he’s putting his money where his mouth is: $10,000 to be precise.

Carrel Bets Against Robbi Jade Lew

Carrel said in a tweet on Oct. 27 that “more evidence is coming soon.” That was in reply to Hustler Casino Live commentator Bart Hanson stating that Lew filed a complaint against Bryan Sagbigsal. For those lost in the whole saga, Sagbigsal was a Hustler Casino employee who stole chips from Lew’s stack.

Carrel questioned whether Lew actually filed charges against Sagbigsal. He also questioned whether Lew handed over her phone records to the police, as she claimed. Hanson fired back and, within a few tweets, Carrel had offered to bet there was “signaling” between Lew and other people. 

Okay so we can choose a group of 3 arbiters.

If they determine, a year from now, that signaling were used (above 90%) then I win.

If they determine signals weren't used (above 90%) then you win.

Everything else is a wash.

Minimum 10k bet, max whatever you wish.

The accusation from Carrel is that Lew was colluding with others. He’s willing to bet anyone at least $10,000 signals were used in the game. If a group of three independent arbiters agrees with more than 90% certainty collusion took place, Carrel wins. If the arbiters can’t agree with 90%+ certainty, Carrel loses. 

Hanson Folds but Others Consider $10K Bet

Hanson wasn’t interested in the bet, and neither was Shaw2fold. They called Carrel “truly pathetic” in the Twitter thread. Undeterred, Carrel doubled down and made the offer again on October 28. Eric Haber, aka Sheets, said he’s willing to take the bet if the arbiters are reasonable and “agree with (him).”

ChikenGeorgy doesn’t like Carrel’s chances of winning. In their view, the odds of winning are a less than desirable 10,000/1.

Generous, at the moment your chance of winning this bet looks like 10000/1, if that. No motive has been discovered and no means to know the river cards.

One person who seemingly agrees with Carrel is Youbigdummy. Their take on the Lew vs. Adelstein hand is that everyone is being willfully blind to what happened. 

“It’s the crux of the case. It’s obvious af & people are going around w/ blinders on saying: what signaling, I don’t see no signaling.  F n amazing,” they tweeted on October 28.

People Still Divided on Adelstein vs. Lew

Sammyco33 also likes Carrel’s side of the bet. In fact, they like it so much that they’re willing to take a piece of the action. 

I want a piece of your bet @Charlie_Carrel when you have secured this with whomever, maybe look into selling some pieces of your bet. I want in on this action.

Carrel has since tweeted a series of Twitter polls asking people about various aspects of the hand. His position is clear, and he’s one of the few left searching for answers. Is he searching for answers where there are none? Is he on the verge of uncovering something potentially significant? 

As it’s been since the $269,000 hand between Garrett Adelstein and Robbi Jade Lew took place, nothing is clear. However, if you’ve got a strong opinion and want to back Lew’s side, Charlie Carrel is willing to bet against you. 

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