The game of poker is loved by a lot of people. Many think it is an ideal way to spend their recreational time, and it is known to be addictive because of the competition it inspires. Most importantly, it offers an opportunity to win real money.

Poker is a game of skill and luck, and many people find the idea of getting the better of their opponents while winning money thrilling. The availability of poker and other similar games online has increased their popularity. More people are opting to play online casino games in Michigan and elsewhere, as it is more convenient and accessible.

The end of the year is the period most notorious for gift-giving, and it comes with the uncertainty of deciding what would be loved and appreciated by the receiver. If you want to get gifts for someone who loves the game of poker and you are struggling to think up things (we have all been there), then you should keep reading to know what gifts they would surely appreciate and find useful.

Gift ideas for poker players

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a friend who loves poker, consider the six options below.

1. Personalized poker set

The best poker chip set contains a set of 500 poker chips in three or four colors as different denominations, a deal button, a big blind button, a small blind button, and two decks of French cards. Gifting a poker player, whether one who has just recently taken up the hobby or is already an avid player, a customized set is one easy way to get them pleased with your gift choice.

Getting a poker set means they do not have to step out of the house each time they want to enjoy a game of poker, and the addition of poker on game night makes for a more exciting and fun evening for both host and friends. Customizing each chip is a tall suggestion, so you can get a leather case engraved with their name or initials. Make sure to get a case in a neutral color if you are unsure what colors they like.

2. A cigar or whiskey gift set

Cigars are popular with poker players, and their affinity towards it is because it offers them a type of relaxation that does not hamper the focus they are required to have while playing the game.

6 Gift Ideas for Poker Players

Essentials that make a good cigar gift set are:

  • A cigar cutter;
  • A quality lighter;
  • A customized case for the cigar;
  • A quality ashtray.

Whiskey is another feature on poker tables, and if you know the player takes pride in their whiskey collection, getting a quality decanter set would be the perfect gift for them.

3. An automatic card shuffler

If you want to gift a poker player who takes pride in hosting poker games and does so often, gifting them an automatic card shuffler would be a perfect choice. Automatic card shufflers are helpful because they help to expedite the speed of play in a poker game and are great for card game marathons.

4. Poker training

Buying books about poker for a person who is just getting started at the game and are interested in being better is also a good idea. Of course, it would be pertinent to know if this person learns better by reading or watching videos about it.

If the person likes to read, then buying a book on all the things to know about winning at poker will be appreciated. If the person finds visuals more appealing, you can pay for a virtual course on the game.

5. Pay for a poker tournament

This would work best for a person known for their poker skills and considerably experienced in playing at live tables. The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is the longest-running poker series in the world but other poker tours happen in several states.

The more popular a tournament is, the more expensive the fee to play in it. But if the person you want to gift is someone who has expressed interest in playing in it, then shelling out the money and paying for their participation will be a gift they will love. Apart from the possibility of winning, they also get to be around other poker enthusiasts.

6 Gift Ideas for Poker Players

6. A laptop

The laptop for online poker games must have a good processor and enough RAM. This is to ensure no lag time is experienced when playing, as lags could cause the player to lose money. The better the laptop system is, the easier it would be to play poker games.

If you have heard this poker player moaning about how their computers are not up to par, you can invest in a good desktop or laptop as a gift to them. They will surely appreciate the gesture.


A solid deck of cards is of the essence in every poker game, and if you notice that the same deck of cards has been used for a hot minute and is already beginning to wear and tear, a good set of cards would be the perfect gift idea. Getting them art about poker is also a gift idea that will work for any player. You can also customize coffee mugs and hoodies with quirky poker sayings.

Before deciding on which of these gifts to get your poker player, be sure that it is one that they would like (and use!). It does not hurt to look for hints from people in their closer circle if you are not in it.

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