The world of gambling and betting entertainment is among the most developing ones, which requires remarkable forces not to sink in this active flow of marketing innovations and news about gambling. In this reading, we tried to highlight the most recent trends and give a few pieces of advice considering the development of betting and gambling businesses recently.

5 tips one has to understand in the gambling and betting promotion in 2021

Better player tracking and analysis due to AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) seems to stop in its attempts to overcome creative human possibilities, but it becomes even more vital in processing huge amounts of data. Gadgets and new technologies are giving more and more information about human behaviour during the entertaining process, so using AI will only increase in the near future. Moreover, AI will positively affect user experience and personal advertising, which are also gaining momentum. So, we forecast that tools like machine learning will become an inevitable part of casinos' software.

More engagement with VR and AR

This item looks like the continuation of the previous one as it is also tightly related to cutting-edge technologies. However, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are a bit different elements as they are directly influencing the engagement of the players. Just imagine how will an online poker play with friends change, when everybody can see their opponents while bluffing or increasing rates. Other casino slots and games can also become much more attractive for gamers as a jackpot looks more exciting when coins are downpouring in front of the eyes.

Cryptocurrency and blockchains spreading

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Bitcoin fever and blockchain technologies stopped shaking the minds of people years ago, but their real implementation is still in the future. Those items are also partially related to the technical side of the betting and gambling industry as such methods allow money depositing and withdrawing safer. Many casinos and bookmakers have already implemented cryptocurrency as one of the ways to replenish the balance, but this way of dealing with money is still not fully perceived. One should understand that cryptocurrency and blockchain betting provide more protection during the transactions, which is the demonstration of more freedom. For the owners of online casinos and bookmakers, it's also a possibility to be present on the market where gambling and betting are forbidden.

The more attentive look at the developing aspects

When someone creates a website or mobile app, he or she is always choosing between the available programming technologies. Still, money and time-to-market are the vital criteria, but the ability to have a single cross-platform solution becomes even more crucial for betting and gambling. If you add the need to have good-working APIs, cloud-based servers, and access systems, the planning process becomes even harder. In order to avoid bottlenecks in such a complex system, one has to rely on the specialists in this field and ability for years-ahead forecasting. Moreover, a well-working website or application is a guarantee of players' better loyalty to the chosen platform.

More accurate and sensitive attitude to marketing and sponsorship

Gambling and betting market competition is one of the toughest in the nowadays business world, which forces those entertainment providers to be active and creative. Football clubs, Twitch streamers, famous bloggers, specific exhibitions, and conferences – this is only a small list of directions where the sponsorship of casinos and bookmakers can be met. However, the coronavirus pandemic gave a chance to stop and review such contracts as many of them are outdated or just ineffective. It means that the owner of a betting or gambling firm should not only beat the competitors but also calculate whether his marketing department is attentive enough. Regularly changing laws and rules concerning online gaming have to sharpen such vigilance.

Related trends that may help in promoting betting and gambling companies

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  • Pay attention to the market you chose. Many countries actively restrict gambling and betting platforms in their media space, what makes long-lasting contracts with sports organizations not so effective. For instance, the UK and Spain parliaments disallowed using bookmaking logos and advertising during sports events. If such a trick happens at the beginning of the contract, it may ruin a whole strategy.
  • Be ready for the increasing mobile market. It is not a breakthrough idea, but some businesspeople are still ignoring the fact that smartphones have already become a dominating power in online services. Probably, it's time to rethink the whole approach to gambling or betting, if the dominant part of people is using small screens. Probably, the audience widening may come with the implementation of device shaking, voice commands instead of numerous popup menus or VR gadgets connected to smartphones. Some of the advanced companies are already using Telegram casinos with implemented chat-bots to entertain players, for example.
  • eSports is on the rise in betting. The coronavirus collapse stopped most of the sporting events that were played in front of the public, which led to an increase of cybersports popularity. Bookmakers significantly widened the variety of available odds on online gaming events, which helped most of the players to find the needed bets. As the demand for eSports events is increasing, while Dota2 or CS:GO events had more than millions of dollars funds for one tournament even before the COVID-19, it's time to bet on this steadily increasing market. Moreover, the attention of the public that likes spending time online seems to be more perspective for the bookmaking business.

Legislation deserves special attention

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The legal rules and restrictions that may be related to the promotion of gambling and betting firms, probably, the hardest issue. Laws are changing daily, and it's almost impossible to forecast such an aspect in the regarded industry. Even the coronavirus pandemic did not clearly answer the question of what would be the role of casinos and bookmakers during the global crisis.

If one feels confident in opening a new department or joining this area, it's almost always about the aptitude to take risks in business. However, that is one of the most reliable ways to drink champagne.

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