When it comes to gambling entertainment, people tend to focus on the experience itself and overlook the casino dealers who manage their sessions. Nevertheless, these employees are the main gear in the casino mechanism and know everything about the world of risky games. With that in mind, we have dedicated this article to a few dealers’ confessions that will help you get a better idea about typical gambling venues.


Diversity of clients

Regardless of how much money you have, gambling can be a lot of fun, and the dealers confirm it. They claim to meet extremely different people during their working day. While casino staff might be playing blackjack against some semi-homeless gambler in the morning, their table might be reserved for celebrities like Jay-Z that evening. This contrast of customers is kind of unique compared to other entertainment industries.

Gamblers are not the only ones waiting for winnings

Gambling cities like Las Vegas are perfect locations for romantic adventures. Unless these relationships end in a daring robbery. According to casino dealers, some beautiful girls visit the most prestigious establishments to hunt for winners. They seduce them, get them drunk, and leave their room with all the chips or money they won the next morning.

The rules apply to casuals only

It may seem to regular casino visitors that the biggest players can do whatever they want while playing without any severe consequences. However, dealers say that people underestimate what a casino can do to keep some high-rolling millionaires delighted. The establishments are willing to ignore any offensive behavior on their part and offer high-rollers free perks as long as they stay at their hotels and spend mind-boggling amounts of money.

Additional responsibilities

Many people think the dealer's job is all about serving the gaming sessions and interacting with the players. But few players know that these employees also have to monitor other things like potential cheaters and overly emotional reactions. This combination of responsibilities definitely makes the work process much more stressful than it might seem at first glance. So, if you ever want to try working at a casino, you better think twice about it.

The job's unpredictable nature

Since dealers deal with substantial money and impulsive gamblers on a daily basis, they routinely witness numerous crazy stories. For example, one of the anonymous casino employees said that one day some random customer came to play poker with his 1-meter-long snake. While such unusual situations certainly make the working experience more memorable, it is safe to assume that dealers would rather work in a more predictable environment.

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